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Flexibility to meet your needs

ENVIROGUARD™ offers a much larger number of products than most mills–from custom doors to standard and custom double-hung and casement windows, specialty trim and rosettes to very complicated entry units and specialty items matching double-hung windows. Bring us your specifications–we can create exactly what you need.

We have the flexibility and capabilities to do what others can't...or won't.

We are so customer-needs-focused that we rely on customer input to tailor purchasing programs and dictate what we sell. We produce and deliver orders faster than most mills through our streamlined processes. Using the very latest millwork-related computer technology, we turn around quotes in 90 minutes or less. In addition to computerized order-tracking, we manually track each and every order, allowing us to know exactly where your order is in production at any given moment.

One reason why we have been in business longer than most millwork companies is that we don’t make promises we can’t keep. And, if a problem arises, we solve it so that the customer’s needs are met quickly and easily. Our industry-leading customer service and courteous, conscientious, creative and customer-friendly people keep customers coming back year after year. Our professionals do everything they can to help customers meet deadlines and provide homeowners with years of enjoyment and peace of mind.