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Innovating to deliver superior product and service

We set the standard for innovation in the specialty millwork industry. We were first to:

  1. • Bring the latest technologies to specialty millwork
  2. • Use cellular PVC on exterior of windows
  3. • Have windows Energy Star-rated, AAMA- and NFRC- certified, and tested for codes and market requirements
  4. • Establish 10 or fewer days’ lead time
  5. • Turn around quotes in 90 minutes or less

We are still the industry innovator, constantly striving to improve our products and service. No one makes as many significant investments in innovation as we do, including:

Research, development and testing

We strive to stay ahead of the market structurally and environmentally. Our windows have earned Energy Star ratings, are AAMA- and NFRC-certified, and exceed building code requirements for wind and water resistance in markets we serve across the nation.


Cutting-edge machinery and technology make us as efficient as possible, which means shorter lead times and other flexibility.


Knowing at a glance exactly where your order is at all times during the manufacturing process helps make sure it will be delivered on time.


We own 18-wheelers with state-of-the-art, air-suspension systems and use our own drivers to ensure products arrive in the same defect-free condition as when they leave our mills.