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ENVIROGUARD double hung window

Pre-finished Option

For greater paint and color protection, choose our pre-finishing option for your new cellular PVC EnviroGuard™ windows, columns, shutters and trim mouldings.

We use a patented technical colorizing system - paints and applications that are specifically engineered for adhesion to cellular PVC surfaces while creating long-lasting color vibrancy. Covered by our 20-year warranty, our prefinished windows have proven durability in all weather conditions without peeling, flaking or cracking.

We offer 11 standard color choices and 14 premium color choices. Custom colors through computer matching are also available on request.

See more details in the tabs below about our pre-finishing color choices, benefits, warranty and cleaning instructions.

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  • Cleaning Instructions
  • Prefinish Warranty
  • Photos
  • Benefits
  • Premium Colors
  • Standard Colors

Cleaning & Care Instructions for Pre-Finished EnviroGuard Windows


Remove protective tape on completion of installation and prior to final cleaning. Using a soft wet brush or cloth, remove all debris from coated surface. Never wipe with a dry brush or cloth, as the cement or sand deposits will abrade the coating. Any dry cement should be removed immediately with a soft brush, as it will attack the surface coating when it becomes wet. Wash surface using a mild detergent with a soft sponge, chamois or similar (soft absorbent cloth), rinse and dry. Never use solvent base cleaners or PVC-U cleaners.


Our coating has been made with the finest raw materials to provide many years of trouble-free covering. However, as with all coatings, good maintenance is necessary to achieve this. Contaminates such as bird droppings or sand from a coastal environment should be removed immediately. When removing these items never use a dry cloth. Always use warm water containing a mild detergent and a soft absorbent cloth but not until loose particles etc. have been removed from the surface using a soft wet brush. The surface should be cleaned as described above using a mild detergent and a soft sponge or cloth, rinsed and dried.


Precision Millwork's EnviroGuard Pre-finish Warranty:

Precision Millworks warrants the coating to be free from failure due to design or manufacturing defects. This warranty shall be valid in the United States and Canada. Any previous warranties will continue to apply to products painted prior to January 1, 2011.

THIS WARRANTY IS NON-TRANSFERABLE. This is a specialized coating and is guaranteed, subject to the exceptions described below, against weathering, specifically “peeling, cracking, flaking or blistering from/on the applied surface and significant ultraviolet discoloration” (greater than 6 Delta E units) caused by natural environmental atmospheric conditions. Precision Millworks will replace the Coating free of charge under the terms described below, but will not be responsible for the labor costs associated with removing or replacing any products with defective Coating, or for the labor costs associated with applying replacement Coating. This warranty is effective for twenty (20) years when Precision Millworks is the applicator.

1. Where the damage is caused by an external factor, such as chemical leaching, acidic washes, hard tack tapes, sand blasting or sand storms and similar types of event or occurrences;
2. Where the damage occurred during delivery or transport of coated vinyl profiles;
3. Where the damage is caused by any act of God;
4. Where the applicator failed to follow the application instructions provided by Precision Millworks;
5. Where any discoloration, polish, surface damage, or alteration is caused by the use of natural or chemical solvents or mixing the Coating with any other substance, or by environmental factors such as exposure to excessive heat in extreme weather environments or high acidity levels in a high-humidity environment;
6. Where the damage/Coating failure is caused by poor product preparation prior to application. Spot adhesion failures covering less than 15% of the surface area are not covered under this warranty since that is evidence that the cause of the adhesion failure is improper preparation of the product prior to application.


This warranty does not apply to any damage caused by such excessive heat buildup where Precision Millwork’s ventilation guidelines are not followed. This warranty constitutes the buyer’s sole remedy, regardless of whether the claim brought by the buyer arises in contract, tort, products liability or otherwise and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


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Benefits of Pre-finishing

EnviroGuard™ Cellular PVC window frames coated with our colorizing system gives customers better color protection than ever before.

• 25 popular color choices (11 standard colors and 14 premium colors).
• Safe, waterborne, environmentally friendly.
• Proven durability in all weather conditions; no peeling, flaking or cracking.
• Specifically formulated for adhesion to cellular PVC, for lasting color vibrancy.
• Expanded color and gloss retention
• High abrasion and humidity resistance.
• Designed to meet all international standard requirements.
• Custom colors available on request.


Find out how you can better protect your EnviroGuard Windows using our pre-finishing option.

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Premium Paint Colors

The following fourteen swatches represent our premium paint colors. These pre-finished paint color options are availble for special order and require additional lead time. We also offer in-stock standard colors and computerized custom color matching.

buff sandalwood burgandy
Buff Sandalwood Burgandy
cranberry tile red Old World Blue
Cranberry Tile Red Old World Blue
Wedgewood Blue ivy green Backwood
Wedgewood Blue Ivy Green Backwood
Leaf Green Grey Plum Black
Leaf Green Grey Plum Black
Silver Metallic Copper  
Silver Metallic Copper  

The colors shown are intended to represent the actual paint colors available and may not be an exact match. Please request a swatch book for exact color matching.

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Standard Paint Colors

The following eleven swatches represent the most popular, most requested pre-finished paint colors. These are the colors that we keep in stock, pre-mixed, and ready to go upon order. We also offer premium colors and custom color matching.

cashmere ivory wicker
Cashmere Ivory Wicker
clay sandstone Forest Green
Clay Sandstone Forest Green
sable white KC Black
Sable White KC Black
Universal Brown bronze  
Universal Brown Bronze  

The colors shown are intended to represent the actual paint colors available and may not be an exact match. Please request a swatch book for exact color matching.

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